Published: December 24, 2017

A Year in Reflection 2017

As I sat back thinking over this past year as I normally do at the closing of it, taking notes of growth, and student progress, I found that I was really happy with all of it. So many people I have taught have given so much of themselves, and now I am seeing many in the first stages of becoming a seasoned martial artist. In my endeavor as an instructor, I have pushed many to their physical limits, and challenged their mental understandings both on the practical mental plane, and the philosophical esoteric side of things. Seeing them transform into themselves is the greatest gift a teacher can ever receive, and is the the often most important aspect of the Martial Arts that media and pop culture overlook when it comes to the training.


Finding meaning within oneself is so important, and the Martial Arts unequivocally does this with the proper instruction. Modern day society has so many distractions, that it is easy to get swept up in the melee of it all. Staying grounded, and training hard makes enjoying our lifestyles so much more satisfying. More than just fitness, the Martial Arts contains a philosophy within that can bring joyfulness, and health of body and mind. Obviously what you eat has an impact on your health, and so it is with your thoughts. Thoughts also have a distinct quality, and using the discipline of the martial arts helps with the mind in this way. There are many different aspects to this, and here are a few I’d like to share with you this Christmas Eve that are taught at The Martial Arts Academy:


Take responsibility for everything you say, and everything you do –this is the beginning of true freedom. Taking this course in life is a very liberating experience.


​Know the difference between right and wrong in the matters of people –the mind is for seeing, not thinking.


Never speak against yourself –your words carry power, and shape your reality.


Always speak the truth –this is especially important. Before you become any kind of thief or criminal, you must first become a liar.


The Martial Arts are not only in the Dojo –behave with Respect, Compassion, and Gratitude, no matter where you are.


A Warrior looks at everything as a challenge –this is contrary to ordinary people, that view everything as a curse or a blessing.


The Martial Arts are an auxiliary to Justice –this requires no explanation.


I feel so very thankful to those that have come to our Dojo, as do I to be sharing this with you now. It is my hope that it inspires to you begin training, or to resolve to train even more, and to become your true self. Use your body as your Brush, the World as your Canvas, you mind as your Colors, and be an Artist of Life.


Merry Christmas, and God Bless!

Published: December 24, 2017

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